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Wellness Packages

De-stress and unwind with our range of wellness packages including couples massage, yoga sessions and relaxation meditation - all offered in the privacy and comfort of your lodge or an outside, picturesque location on our property.

Please note: We require at least 2 days notice for massage, yoga and meditation sessions.

Oil Massage


Couples Yoga session in the privacy of your own lodge or outside on the property. For beginners and intermediate couples.  With this one hour yoga session you will be shown how to stretch your way to health and flexibility together.  You will only be instructed to go as far as you can, and not to push or strain. 


Our yoga is done with your best interest at heart, and we will show you how to incorporate yoga into your daily life for full benefit.  

Please contact us for details and bookings


60 min Relaxation Massage - $160 per hour each

Couples Pamper Massage - $320 for 60 mins -

Surprise your loved one with this lovely package designed to pamper you and your partner together.  Enjoy a wonderful one hour relaxation massage together in your lodge, then retreat to your spa which will be run for you.  

Next to your spa will be 10 lit tealight candles, a bottle of  bubbly, and strawberries with dipping chocolate to feed each other in bliss!  

​We try our best to book the Couples massages in the same time slot but cannot​ always guarantee due to therapist's availabilities. 

yoga pose


Experience a beautiful and relaxing 60 min meditation session in the privacy of your own lodge or a beautiful spot by our creek, just the 2 of you together. 


Be guided on a blissful journey by an experienced meditation teacher whose aim is to show you how simple it is to develop this ritual in your own life together.    

Please contact us for details and bookings

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